These individuals need to see the office BEFORE your run: Addie Ewing, Addie Whiseannd, Amber Workheiser, Ashley Schafer, Caitlin Orosco, Carley Richardson, Carolyn Benitez, Jana Fincke, Kalley Kirk, Kelly Yates, MaKaylee Butler, Maria Butterfield, Nicole Espenson, Shali Lord, Shelly Kirby and Tammie Goldston. And then the long list of those that didn't list their SS# will need to give it to the office BEFORE they can collect an award check.

On-site books open at noon on Friday. Books for the open close at 10am Saturday and 8am Sunday. Call-in for riding slot reservations will be Wednesday from 6pm-8pm TX time at 806-488-2144 (the ONLY phone number for riding slots). Reservations will be taken for the 3pm to 8pm riding slots. The 8pm to 10pm slots will be sold on-site starting at noon on Friday. Riding slots reservations will be limited to 5 lines per answered call. A riding slot cost $15 and is for 30 minutes.

Saturday Open Pre-Draw by Number

Sunday Open Pre-Draw by Number

Complete Draw in Alphabetical Order