On-site books open at noon on Friday. Books for the open close at 10am Saturday and 9am Sunday. Call-in for riding slot reservations will be Wednesday from 6pm-8pm TX time at 806-488-2144 (the ONLY phone number for riding slots). Reservations will be taken for the 2pm to 5pm riding slots. The 5pm to 7pm slots will be sold on-site starting at noon on Friday. Riding slots reservations will be limited to 3 lines per answered call. A riding slot cost $15 and is for 25 minutes.

Saturday Open Pre-Draw by Number

Sunday Open Pre-Draw by Number

Saturday Draw in Alphabetical Order

Sunday Draw in Alphabetical Order

These individuals MUST see the office BEFORE their run: Addie Whisennand, Chezie Parsons, Christy Hefley, Debra Stambaugh, Denise Downs, Heather Darbonne, Hope Sickler, Julie Pluemer, Kam Knight, Kelly Yates, Kris Burden, Maddy Dickens, Marie Autry, Nicky Dole, Rainey Johnson, Rebecca Wilson, Steve Peacock and Valarie Schneider.

These individuals (and those that enter online) will need to give the office their SS# BEFORE they can receive a check: Alex Odle, Ashley Watson, AshLynn Eaton, Becki Mask, Bonnie Wikle, Brooklyn Burden, Chloe Northrup, Christy Powell, Cindy Shepherd, Colette Wilson, Courtney Conklin, Devan Macha, Haley Gallas, Hayden Todd, Katelyn Adams, Kayley Poteet, Kendra Suggs, Kendra Trujillo, Kris Burden, Ky Gripp Tucker,  Landree Bennett, Lexi Shedd, Lori Shannon, M’Kensie Owens, Makalie Garcia, Makenzie Garcia, Malynda Huse, Michelle Hamilton, Paula Hassard, Rajeana Thompson, Shelby King, Shelby Robinson, Steve Peacock, Susan Brugman and Trinty Sims.