On-site books open at noon on Friday. Books for the open close at 10am Saturday and 9am Sunday. Call-in for riding slot reservations will be Wednesday from 6pm-8pm TX time at 806-488-2144 (the ONLY phone number for riding slots). Reservations will be taken for the 2pm to 5pm riding slots. The 5pm to 7pm slots will be sold on-site starting at noon on Friday. Riding slots reservations will be limited to 3 lines per answered call. A riding slot cost $15 and is for 25 minutes.

Challenge Race entry list (actual draw/running order will happen once the race fills or after 10am Saturday)

Saturday Open Pre-Draw by Number

Saturday Draw in Alphabetical Order

Sunday Open Pre-Draw by Number

Sunday Draw in Alphabetical Order

Sunday's $2000 added BBR West Texas Regional X-TRA carry over list (please please please make sure that if you entered, your name is on this list)

These individuals MUST see the office BEFORE their run: Brandy Wright, Crystal Hughes, Dakota Bradley, Jennifer Phillips, Kashley Seitz, Kelly Sparks, Kelly Yates, LeighAnn Scribner, Lexi Shedd, Lisa Scribner, Makaylee Butler, Piper Meeks, Sabrina Devers, Sabrina Ketchem, Sherry Robinson, and Steve Peacock.

These individuals will need to renew their BBR membership BEFORE the are eligible for the BBR West Texas Regional X-TRA sidepot: Alicia Spann, Amanda Hill, Brenda Smith, Bristol Tando, Cathy Brooks, Devan Macha, Gillian Darcy, Jacee Spann, Jessie Kate Cole, Marian Ray, Nicky Dole, Taylor Hildreth, and Tiffani Lowe.

These individuals (includes the online entry list) will need to give the office their SS# BEFORE they can receive a check: Abbey Shannon, Amanda Ritter, Ana Prickett, Angie Hoss, Anna Nelson, AshLynn Eaton, Bonnie Wikle, Brenda Smith, Brikayli Kenney, Brittany Tonozzi, Brooklyn Lozano, Brynlee Jenkins, Bucki Shepherd, Callie Lozano, Callie Rios, Carla Cornett, Carley Richardson, Carrie Jo Koonce, Chelsea Arlington, Cheryl Lucero, Corey Waggoner, Crystal Hughes, Dana Cary, Deana Martin, Debbie Kilgore, Debbie McLaughlin, Elena Pinckard, Gillian Darcy, Haley Garrison, Harli Kenney, Hayden Todd, Heather Darbonne, Jamie Harrison, Janelle Reetz, Janie Johnson, Jean Winters, Jenna Evans, Jessica Frost, Julie Hardcastle, Kaitlyn Meister, Kashlee Schumacher, Kathryn Kenney, Kellie Macy, Kelly Garrison, Kelsey Espenson, Kendra Dunkin, Kim Teague, Kimberly Kelly, Kirsten Pohnert, Kloe Gregersen, Kortney Kizer, Kristen Hendewerk, Landree Bennett, LeighAnn Scribner, Linda Nuttall, Lynnie Meeves, Maddy Dickens, Maegan Sherrod, Meghan Johnson, Mickey Henderson, Nicky Dole, Pam Clemens, Sam Watson, Samantha Parker, Sandy McElreath, Sarah Long, Sharon George, Shelby Espenson, Shelby Rita, Shelby Robinson, Shelly Griffin, Sierra Rucker, Sissie Wherrell, Steve Peacock, Taryn Norvell, Tayln Wright, Taylor Hildreth, Tera Carroll, Tess Liles, Toni Green, Tonia Greenlees, Tracy Housholder, and Zoey Sharp.