What an awesome race, THANK YOU to everyone involved! This was our largest Double Dash yet, 637 total open runs! See ya'll next year!

Photos from the race will be available on www.BunkhouseBlessingsPhotos.com (after Tuesday)

Saturday Open 5D Race -- 217 entries

Saturday Youth 2D Race -- 16 entries

Saturday WPRA permit-holder sidepot -- 15 entries

Sunday Open 5D Race -- 230 entries

Sunday Youth 2D Race -- 21 entries

Sunday WPRA permit-holder sidepot -- 13 entries

Sunday WPRA DC sidepot -- 8 entries

Monday Open 5D Race -- 190 entries

Monday Youth 2D Race -- 14 entries

Monday WPRA permit-holder sidepot -- 13 entries

Open 5D Main Race -- 637 entries

Daily Division winners each won a $50 gift certificate to Joe's Boot Shop.

The top 3 Main Race Division winners got prize choice: Classic Equine haybag, Bar D Beads over and under or a IPod/cellphone leather case from Classic Equine..