Wow!!!! 747 open runs and a payout of over $39,000!!! What an amazing race, THANK YOU to everyone involved! This was our largest Double Da$h, see ya'll Labor Day weekend 2016 !

Photos from the race will be available on (after Tuesday)

Saturday Open 5D Race -- 259 entries

Saturday Youth 2D Race -- 24 entries

Saturday WPRA permit-holder sidepot -- 13 entries

Sunday Open 5D Race -- 271 entries

Sunday Youth 2D Race -- 29 entries

Sunday WPRA permit-holder sidepot -- 15 entries

Sunday WPRA DC sidepot sponsored by Wrangler -- 11 entries

Monday Open 5D Race -- 217 entries

Monday Youth 2D Race -- 22 entries

Monday WPRA permit-holder sidepot -- 15 entries

Open 5D Main Race -- 747 entries

The top 3 Main Race Division winners had a prize choice: Classic Equine haybag, Classic Equine necessity tote or a barnwood picture frame with a picture donated by Bunkhouse Blessings Photography.