ALL riding slots will be sold on-site ONLY, starting when books open at 9am Saturday. On-site books close at 3pm Saturday and noon on Sunday.

Host hotels: Are listed on the previous page.

Stalls & RV hookups are taken care of by Brant Moore. If you want to make reservations, contact him by calling 806-584-3439. Otherwise, stalls and RVs can be purchased on-site. Stalls will open at 3pm Friday.

The following contestants are needed in the entry office BEFORE your run: Laura Adams, Laura Brown, Martha Manning, Kendra Suggs and Alli Thoms.

Note: For contestants that pre-entered 2 or more horses, to better spread you apart, your horses not listed in the pre-draw below will be drawn with the add-on draw.

Saturday Draw by #

Sunday Draw by #

Draw is also posted on RodeoGo. On-line entries are also being accepted via RodeoGo.