Call-ins to reserve riding slots is Wednesday May 6th from 6pm to 8pm (TX time) at 806-488-2144 (the ONLY number that will be answered during those times).

See you all Saturday morning at 9am when the office opens for on-site entries.

Host motel is the Amarillo Inn & suites with a $62 rate, located at 1911 E I-40 in Amarillo (near the fairgrounds). Call (806)372-8741 and ask for the Summer Da$h race rate.

The following contestants need to come to the entry office before your run: April Denny, Ashley Watson, Bonnie Wikle, Brandy Cox, Chanel Green, Darlese Atchison, Dionne Veazey, Jana Lawler, Kaycie J Carlson, Kendra Dunkin, Martha Manning, Michelle Hamilton, Samantha Golden, Shali Lord, Shelby Robinson, Tammie Goldston, Taylor Rolan, Tina Ramirez and Tracy Stine.

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